Coralba tripmeters are the best available.
Used by most of the factory teams. Coralba tripmeters are  tools for professionals and amateurs.
Detailed specifications and instructions of the manufacture´s website. http://www.jemba.sehttp://www.jemba.seshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
Three screen professional tripmeter
One screen less expensive model.
 Same functions as the C-Giant.
Equipped with basic functions, for amateurs.
Q-series -  The perfect balance of performance and affordability, the new Monit Q-series is designed to meet the needs of club competitors on a budget.
T-series - Designed for professional rally teams, the Monit T-series combines all features required for top level rallying into a lightweight, reliable and easy-to-use system.
                    Feature                                                 Q-10    Q-20  T-100   T-200
Total  Distance (5-digit)                                          x            x            x            x
Interval Distance  (5-digit)                                      x            x            x            x
Current Speed                                                                        x            x            x
Average Speed                                                                         x                          x
Maximum Speed                                                                                   x            x
Stopwatch                                                                                              x            x
Fuel Gauge                                                                                                          x
Time of Day                                                                                                         x
Vehicle Performance Timers                                                                x            x
Programmable Foot Resets                                       1x          1x         2x            2x
Operation in Miles or Kms                                       x            x            x            x
Freeze Function                                                        x            x            x           x
Counting Up/Down                                                  x            x            x            x
Monit Rally Computers is a specialist manufacturer of electronics products for rally cars. More detailed specifications and intructions on the  manufacture´s page.http://www.monitrally.comshapeimage_32_link_0
Simple Calibration Wizard                                         x           x            x            x
 PRICE excluding VAT and transport                    199,-    235,-    357,-   483,-
Inductive Wheel Probe          39,-
Speed Sensor Interface       39,-
ABS Interface                       39,-
Spare Wire Loom                  39,-